Your Future

And the future of your children and their children depend upon you to vote 'leave' on their behalf. Give them the opportunity to grow up in a nation that manages itself, that controls it's own borders and spends it own money how it likes.  Vote Leave

23rd June 2016

In 2014 the Governments austerity programme saved £36 billion. However, the same year it gave £87 billion to the EU. Why are you are suffering to pay for lifestyles of other countries.

In 2104 Britain had a trade deficit of £62 billion with the EU... Do you really believe that European countries will want to stop trading with us, when we are clearly buying more from them than they are from us?...

Since joining, we have paid in over £506 billion to the EU.... They need us more than we need food banks!

Quote of the week

"Frankly when I saw the Prime Minister in Downing Street saying that he had reformed Europe I thought that was pretty fraudulent." I think he is being wilfully deceitful to try and pretend to people in the way he has.

Nigel Farage



Membership of the European Union is undemocratic because the European Commission, which is unelected, has the monopoly of proposing all EU legislation which it does in secret.


Cameron says '3 million jobs depend upon the EU' He has not yet proven how!


Britain has given away control of immigration and it's borders to the EU. Lets bring back  controlled immigration


Britain pays more to trade with the EU than some of the richest countries in the world... Why?.


We had a fishing industry until the EU decided the quotas for British fishermen and flooded our waters with foreign boats

He wants you to remain

He destroyed this country, gave away our EU refund and now wants you to stay under the control of unelected foreign powers.... tell him you're voting to leave

He wants you to remain

He signed the Lisbon Treaty secretly at the very last minute and signed away your rights to independence....Tell him you're voting to Leave

He wants you to remain

He has lied to us us time and time again. He is a committed Europhile who hasn't represent this country at all. Tell him you're voting to Leave

He want us to Leave

For 20 years Nigel Farage has campaigned to get us out of the EU.  He has been proven right time and time again... Listen to him and vote leave!